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Bahrain - 6 Travel Tips

Bahrain, much like any Arab country, is quite conservative about its cultures and traditions. At the same time, it is open to provide hospitality to people of the world. Their mixed approach can become confusing to some tourists. Besides, there are several things you need to keep in mind while traveling in Bahrain.

We will be sharing with you 6 Bahrain travel tips from our travelers. These tips will help you to reduce your problems and maybe save some money.


1) Bargaining is always an option

Unless you don’t care about your money, you can save a lot during your traveling in Bahrain. Foods and alcohols are costly in hotels. You can save money by eating from the local food markets. Their street foods are rich in flavor and worth trying. Supermalls and shopping complexes are costly options. Even while buying anything from the street, try to bargain. While fixing a taxi, bargain as much as you can. Try to research the actual prices before buying anything.

2) Do not travel in Summer

In summer, Bahrain’s temperature can reach up to 45 degrees Celsius and you would end up staying in the hotel room the whole day. Though Hotel rooms are cheaper in the summertime, it won’t be a wise choice for travelers or tourists to travel in Summer. Try to travel to Bahrain between October and March. The weather is quite friendly and you can spend the whole day outside with your family and friends.

3) Maintain the social etiquette

Bahrain is quite a peaceful country. You won’t usually face awkward situations unless you create one. Try to maintain the dress code. Though Bahrain is a liberal country, the majority of its residents are Muslim. Foreign women are not required to wear abaya and burqa all the time but try to cover your shoulder and legs. You’ll be received with more hospitality if you have a headscarf.

On the other hand, men should cover their hands and thighs. The best type of clothing would be loose and thick garments. Even if you are taking a walk, try to wear neutral clothes. Avoid bathing suit or short dresses.

Take permission before videotaping or taking pictures of any local. Taking photos or videos without the permission of locals is strictly prohibited in many religious activities. Even though you can easily buy alcohol in Bahrain, do not consume them anywhere. There are separate designated areas for taking alcohol. Caring unpackaged alcohol is restricted in the streets of Bahrain.

4) Get the lifetime opportunity to be a pearl diver

Bahrain was the pearl capital of Arab. Pearl diving has been a glorious part of Bahraini culture. You can also experience pearl diving by paying around $150. Usually, pearl activities take place beside the small Al Dar Island which is located on the eastern side of Bahrain. There are professional groups for this great experience.

First, you’ll receive training and guideline about pearl diving. Then, you’ll be taken to the sites with proper scuba gear. Finally, you’ll search the sea for pearls. All the pearls you collect will be yours. Additionally, you’ll also be certified as a pearl diver.

Pearls form inside oysters. Pearls are formed when a parasite or irritant enters the body of an oyster. The fluid around the irritant gets thicker. With multiple layers of coating, the pearls are formed.

So, all oysters might not have pearls. Instead, only the sick oysters, who have naturally or manually been introduced to irritants can have a pearl.

5) Enjoy Hummer driving and Go wild

How many times have you imagined yourself inside a formula 1 race car? Actually, you can make your dream true in Bahrain. Your dream would cost you only $130. You will be taken to a special race track that is located near the desert and comes with the off-road obstacles of F1 racing. You can drive the hummer here. This off-road iron monster will take the hell out of you in off-roads. The track is designed in such a way that you will need to cope up with the off-road obstacles. Alongside you have sand dunes, steep slopes, and slides. The steps are 50 centimeters high.

On the other hand, the utility vehicle is pretty comfortable. You have a leather chair for climbing. There are instructors who will guide you with driving. You can take pictures of cars and backgrounds.

6) Plan your trip thoroughly before visiting Bahrain

Bahrain has numerous attractive tourist sites, different types of archaeological sites, and even natural scenarios. Archaeological sites mainly include Dilmun civilization sites, burial sites, forts, museums, and old cities. If you are planning to visit those, it would be wise for you to stay in Muharraq. If you are planning to enjoy the man-made island and the Gulf sea, stay in Amwaj Island. This place is ideal for a family vacation. On the contrary, if you are planning to have a short business trip or want to reside in the busy areas, try our Manama. There are several hotels in Bahrain city center. Manama also offers a waterpark, halls for cultural and business meet up along with the traditional taste of Bahrain.