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Health And Safety

More often people think that Arab countries are unsafe to visit. Some of your neighbors might even forbid you to travel to Arab. The scenario that we portray has changed a lot in the last decade. Rates of crime have dropped, you won’t see gun-blazing here and there. Besides, their hospital and health system has pretty developed.

There are some of Bahrain’s health and safety details that you need to know prior to your visit. The foremost important thing would be, avoid extreme weather in Bahrain in Summer. During the summer, Bahrain’s temperature may rise to 45 degrees Celsius. Avoid traveling in such harsh weather. Even if you need to travel on those days, carry a lot of water with you, and wear loose clothes. Try to be indoors as much as you can.


Preparation and Vaccination

It is better not to travel during COVD-19. If you have an emergency, do a test before traveling and keep an adequate amount of masks and sanitizers with you. The majority of the hotels that we have mentioned in our Bahrain-Hotel and resorts list have taken safety measurements to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Anyhow, the safety is totally on you, especially when you are moving outdoors or coming in contact with a human. WHO suggests that you need to take hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, cholera, yellow fever, polio, rabies, meningitis, and anthrax vaccines before you travel to Bahrain. Though they are rare diseases, it is better to be on the safe side. Talk to your travel agency and they will provide you details about the vaccines. Polio is quite common in the Middle East region and you need to ensure that you have taken proper precautions before traveling.

Another common disease is traveler’s diarrhea. Due to the change in weather and food habits, a good number of travelers have diarrhea and indigestion issues. Carry enough amount of oral saline and medicines with you. If you have a weak stomach, try avoiding street foods. Seasonal Dengue and Chikungunya are also common in some of the regions. So, don’t forget to carry your mosquito repellents and anti-malarial medicines. Finally, keep your safety and band-aid kits near you. Take proper clothes and research on the weather before traveling.

Health during Emergencies in Bahrain

ambulance service is controlled either by the police or the state hospitals. If you are actually in an emergency, the best way to travel to a hospital is by using a taxi. Police ambulances are highly modernized with helicopter services but they are mainly dedicated to road accidents, evacuation, and beach accidents.

As soon as you arrive in Bahrain, store the local hospitals’ number, ambulance service number, and also the police call center number. After calling those numbers, you can choose between Arabic and English for communication. If you have a minor injury, directly travel to the hospital’s emergency department.

If you are far away from the hospital and can barely move by your own, call the ambulance and ask them how much time they will require to travel to you. If you are on a short distance, you can expect to travel with an ambulance. On the contrary, if you are in urgency but your ambulance will take time, then use a taxi. Let the driver know about the situation and urgency. The taxi drivers are often helpful in such scenarios.

Finally, if you are staying in Bahrain for a long duration, there are several health insurance plans for foreigners. They will give you some of the best assistance and bring the best services to you. You can try their service as well.

Safety in Bahrain

If you are searching about Bahrain, you must have come across a good number of videos on the Shia-Sunni conflict. These were pictures from long ago. Currently, Bahrain has a pretty low rate of crime. Theft and burglaries are pretty common in Bahrain.

The roads aren’t that much safe, especially if you are traveling from western countries. You have a lot of reckless driving on the roads of Bahrain. Be careful in night times especially as many local drivers drive without turning their headlights on. Even if you are aware of the roads, you can be subject to pickpocketing. Pickpockets are one of the major concerns for traveling to Bahrain. Airports, train stations, and such other crowded places are filled with pickpockets.

Anyhow, you won’t be mugged so easily. There have barely been reports of mugging in Bahrain. Bahrain is safe for women, even solo lady travelers. You just need to take minimal measurements for making the security maximum. Keep up on the news for terrorist attacks though they are very rare. Additionally, try avoiding scams. You should be back with proper health conditions from Bahrain. Anyhow, pickpocketing, thefts, and burglaries might cause you to lose your precious belongings.