Think about a place that has been growing on tourism but also reserves their strong family bonding.

About Bahrain

Think about a nation that’s 48% of people are immigrants. Think about small islands on the Persian Gulf with immense beauty. You are actually drawing the picture of Bahrain on your head.

Bahrain is located on the southwestern coast of the Persian Gulf. It consists of Bahrain island, along with 30 small islands. The country with a 770 square kilometer area is the smallest nation in GCC. Approximately 1.66 million people live in Bahrain and work in various sectors. Bahrain has been an epicenter for many immigrants from developing and LDCs that are trying to make a better living in exchange for their skills and labor.


Etymology of Bahrain

Bahrain has been derived from the word Bahrayn which originates from the Arabic word bahr (sea). Bahrayn means two bahrs or two seas. There are disputes over the grammatical details of Bahrain’s name. There is also confusion about which two seas are referred. While the term has come five times in the Holy Quran, it is questionable if it actually talks about our modern Bahrain.

Putting the debate outside, generally, two seas are considered to be- the east bay and west of the islands, the north and a south sea of the island, or the fresh and saltwater present below and above the ground. Another great theory suggests that the two oceans were a calm lake on the Arabian mainland and the Persian Gulf.


In 2010, Bahrain's population grew to 1.2 million


Arabic is the official language of Bahrain, though English is widely used.


Bahrain has a universal health care system, dating back to 1960.


Tourist Attractions in Bahrain

From the precious pearls of the sea to the black gold of the Middle East, Bahrain has progressed a lot in business. While Bahrain is currently known for oil refineries, it has also progressed a lot in the tourism industry. Bahrain has drained a large amount of oil and is currently diversifying its economy to hold a stable rate. Two of the key factors that Bahrain has invested in are- Banking and Tourism.

The most interesting Tours in Bahrain

Here we have enlisted some of the top places to visit in Bahrain.

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Health and safety

More often people think that Arab countries are unsafe to visit. Some of your neighbors might even forbid you to travel to Arab.


Bahrain - 6 Travel Tips

Bahrain, much like any Arab country, is quite conservative about its cultures and traditions. At the same time, it is open to provide hospitality to people of the world.


Culture in Bahrain

Bahrain is a unique nation among the Persian Gulf countries. It has the influence and regular access to the outside world.

Plan your trip to Bahrain

Bahrain has one of the oldest traditions in the Arabian peninsula. There are many places to explore and many sites to visit. Make proper planning before traveling to Bahrain. Book your hotel rooms and set your tour details. There are many articles and reviews online for guiding you with the best options.

Anyhow, while you are in Bahrain, bargain on food prices and local shops. Tips are included in their bills, so you can avoid paying extra tips in restaurants. Eat local foods in local shops for saving a handsome amount of your expense. Finally, respect the locals. Respect their believes and cultures. Wear appropriate clothing when going outside. Avoid drinking in the public or taking photos of locals without permission. If you are entering mosques, churches, or any site that has an affiliation with religion, ensure that you are dressed properly. Unless you do something awkward and disrespectful, you’ll barely face any issue. Enjoy your time in Bahrain exploring the seas and the islands.